MCRLdata Sensor Details

This page provides detailed information about the deployed sensors, including a timeline of data availability. Most of this information is embedded in metadata fields on the standardized NetCDF files provided with longer dataset requests. The following chart shows timelines for deployments with gaps when data collection was interrupted more than two weeks:

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Water Dynamics

Tide Gauge - Nile YSI Micropilot FMR51

ADCP - Nortek 400kHz 2D Horizontal Profiler

Hydrophone - Ocean Sonics icListen RB9-ETH

Water Quality

CTD - Seabird SBE 37-SMP-ODO MicroCAT

Fluorometer - Seabird ECO Triplet

pH - iSAMI-pH

pCO2 - Battelle Seaology/PMEL MAPCO2 pCO2 Monitor

Underwater Photosythetically Active Radiation (PAR) - Li-COR LI-193 Spherical Underwater Quantum

Meteorology - Weather Station

Anemometer - 05108-5A R.M. Young Wind Monitor

Barometer - Campbell Scientific BaroVue 10

Temperature & Humidity Sensor - Campbell Scientific HygroVue 10

Photosythetically Active Radiation (PAR) - Li-COR LI-190R

Rain Gauge - Campbell Scientific Tipping Bucket TE525

Atmospheric CO2 - Li-COR LI-850